Play is an integral part of learning. Especially in the pre-school and early years setting, play-based learning is one important kind of learning that must be encouraged. Pupils, students, and even undergraduates mustn’t miss out on it as learning is expected to be fun to enable easy reception by the brain. At Ar-Rahman Montessori Schools, we have identified that through play, we develop and make use of a number of important soft skills. Skills such as ~Creativity
~Imaginative thinking
~Taking turns
~Helping out
~Cooperation and lots more. These are skills that we help develop and explore experientially. This is an exact opposite of what one will what we find in the rigid and didactic learning process.
However, no matter how playful it sounds and looks, our teachers still have a serious role. The teacher provides the children with stimulating and imaginative ways to play and assist them in their exploration. Nevertheless, we train our teachers to never forget that play based learning is not teacher-led but student-initiated just like Carl Rogers Person-centred Therapy. 

At Ar-Rahman Montessori Schools, we make learning fun.

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